Mission and vision

Mission: To know Christ and make Him known

Vision: To ensure that each student develops to his or her fullest potential by creating a play based environment balanced with pre-academic surroundings. Robert H. Lange Preschool will celebrate and honor the student's diversity of gifts, abilities, and background to build a more just and sustainable world without regard to race, religion, national origin or ancestry. 

Our Philosophy

Preschool is the introduction to a lifelong educational journey for children. It is the goal of Robert H. Lange Preschool to foster a love for learning in our students with an individualized, child-centered approach. 

We introduce our students to the beginning foundations of social-emotional development, language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, visual and preforming arts and physical development with our hands on, developmentally appropriate practices. We utilize both developmental and pre-academic structures to our program in order for the student to grow as a healthy member of their own community. 

Our understanding and value of exceptional early childhood education equips children to be productive and passionate thinkers, neighbors and leaders. This is seen in our details of Christian values but more so in the empowerment of the child as they reflect on their own abilities to be the best that they are called to be. 

Each child is different and unique and our purpose is to recognize and help our students achieve their full potential in their overall development as we work together to provide a solid foundation for the child and family in a healthy, developmental Christian framework.