Campus Safety

In order to maintain the highest of quality  in student and family experiences  as possible, Robert H. Lange and Mount of Olives Church have partnered together to ensure best practices and procedures are maintained, that policy and advocacy remain of quality and employee/staff trainings are a priority while your child is in our care. 

The following are samples of the way Robert H. Lange takes your child's safety as a priority: 

Locked campus

All doors and gates that surround our campus are under locked surveillance while school is in session. Families and caregivers will receive an access point key upon enrollment. Access is given to authorized persons who are designated for pick up and drop off. Visitors are not able to enter Robert H. Lange without proper approval and entrance access keys. 

Armed Security

Robert H. Lange knows the importance of your safety-that is why we hire paid, certified armed security to help protect and work with our campus in making sure we are as safe as able during hours of operation. Our current security team is employed by Lion Shield Inc. 

Monthly Drills

Robert H. Lange trains all team members on the importance of monthly drills. 

All students and employees participate in monthly drills that include: 




Parent portal

All families at Robert H. Lange are enrolled into a Parent Portal that gives personal access to the child's day via a parent app. This portal is how parents and caregivers will monitor the child's day and even how to talk with the school with the touch of a button! 

24 Hour monitored video

Mount of Olives Church has 24/7 Video surveillance. Video footage is monitored and analyzed regularly and is used by Robert H. Lange for safety measures of the entire campus. 

SAT Team

Robert H. Lange and Mount of Olives Church continue to partner with the Safety Assessment Team on campus. This Ministry is comprised of volunteer members from a variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement, military, fire service, healthcare, and business professionals. 

During services and at events, our team members are present, connected by a private radio system and receivers throughout the campus, to efficiently share information, report findings, and coordinate with public safety agencies. In addition, they monitor the security camera system. 

Mount of Olives Safety Team loves our first responders, who are at the ready throughout the community, and we are proud to call them our partners in providing a safe and secure environment to worship. For more information about Mount of Olives SAT team please visit