Amazing Athletes

Coach Debbie from Amazing Athletes join us this year to focus on 7 key areas of motor-development! This program is designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, speed and agility and more. We use a progressive curriculum and interactive cooking techniques to ensure each child learn at his or own pace. We focus on teamwork and skill-building with a non-competitive, learning based environment.

To register for Amazing Athletes contact Coach Debi at

or via phone (949) 412-1141

meet the masters Art program

We will be visiting the Mount of Olives - Adult Day Program to participate in an art program called Meet the Masters. Students will have an invitation to create a special art piece inspired by a highlighted artist of the month. 

Here are some artists we will learn about in this program:

               FALL                                                         SPRING

September: Wassily Kandinsky             January: Vincent Van Gogh    

October: Grandma Moses                     February: Leonardo da Vinci

November: Alma Thomas                      March: Eric Carle

December: Pablo Picasso                      April: Claude Monet

                                                                   May: Frida Kahlo

At OPEN HOUSE on June 6th, we will have a showcase

Spanish Class

During our Spanish programming we learn greetings and salutations, letter recognition, colors/shapes and more through music, games and more! 

Music with jules

The children will receive an introduction to music in a fun and interactive class with Mr. Jules.

"Learning the fun and easy way with music"

Jules Music 4 Kids